Peace in the Sky

Peace-in-the-sky recovers from a brutal head injury to find herself a captive. She can’t remember the frightened young girl beside her — her daughter, Anissa — but together, they escape and set out across an arid wasteland. Anissa is desperate to return to the home she was stolen from, a lush jungle protected under a vast dome that is a haven for her tribe. With the past a swirling fog, Peace-in-the-sky relies on Anissa’s knowledge to navigate the hostile terrain and its peoples, and trusts her own mysterious, scorching power of the pillars-of-flame to keep them protected.

Every group they shelter with along the way sees something different when they look at Peace-in-the-sky: a god, a savior, a valuable commodity, a volatile danger. But she doesn’t know herself. She has nothing to offer the desperate, struggling communities they pass through. There are only two things she’s sure of, her tender love for Anissa and her mission to return Anissa to home and safety. Nothing else matters. Not even the inexorable unraveling mystery of who, or what, Peace-in-the-sky really is.

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